How To Fix Your Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands

best yoga mat for sweaty hands

So you decided to start yoga. One thing you might notice right away is that the mat you bought isn’t living up to it’s promise of being a “sticky’ mat. You notice that this happens especially during those hot moments when you’re sweating your behind off and your mat becomes a slipping slide.

So, how do you fix from slipping on your yoga mat? 

Use water traction.

A common solution is to simply spray your yoga towel with water before class to create a certain level of traction for your hands.  Spray two areas towards the front of the mat for your hands, and two areas on the back for your feet. This will allow you to grip the mat a little better. 

Roll it up.

Roll up the edge of your mat when you want a quick solution. As you flip up the top of your mat a few times, you can then rest your palms on the rolled surface and spread your fingers on the bare ground when in inverted poses. This should help keep you steady and won’t disrupt your practice when you’re in the zone and don’t want to change out mats.

Be tough.

If you are a real die hard, use your muscle strength to keep you grounded. Strengthen the little muscles in your fingers and toes to grip the mat. Use all of your focus, strength and energy to will yourself to perfect balance.

Get better gear.

If you find this still isn’t enough, you can invest in more gear. Companies like Blake Brody and Toe Sox make nonslip gloves, socks, and shoes. These products absorb the sweat and are made with little rubber grips to help keep you in place during a pose. There are also better mats you could purchase as well. Manduka mats have great reviews for offering a slip resistance yoga experience.

What’s Your Favorite Solution For Sweaty Hands On Your Yoga Mat?


xoxo Tess

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