Eating in Moderation is the Key-Or is it?

Eating in moderation

Hey guys and girls!

Ha! I’m in a great mood! Everything seems to be in alignment in my life and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve FINALLY got all my blogs where I want them to be and I can finally breathe. I hope you have something going on great in your life at the moment. Celebrate it! : ) Anyway, I decided to talk about a subject that seems to come up quite a lot when I talk to people about eating. The hubby believes in it and so does my mom. It is a bit controversial.

What is it, you ask?

Eating everything in moderation!

There’s a lot of people that believe that eating “everything in moderation” is a great way to be keep from going off eating healthy.

 Diet Myth: Moderation Is The Key To Success

“Conventional wisdom tells us, ‘everything in moderation,” but in this case conventional wisdom is just plain wrong. When you want to perform at your peak, it’s a terrible idea to consume even moderate amounts of toxins that will make you tired, give you brain fog, and crush your performance a few hours later. It’s important to know that EVERY LITTLE THING you put in your mouth affects your performance in some way or another.

‘Everything in moderation’ leads to just moderate performance.”

That was a section out of The Bulletproof Diet. I’m crushing on this book right now, so if you haven’t read it yet, check out the The Bulletproof Diet Book.

My opinion on whether or not you can still be healthy if you ate “everything in moderation” depends on the situation. I guess I would have to go as far as saying that I wouldn’t say “everything” in moderation. If your gut is healthy and you don’t have any digestive issues, then having something such as a slice of chocolate birthday cake, should be fine.

But, I have to say that if you do have healing to do, such as needing to eliminate gluten out of your system, or if you want to feel your best at all times, then I would suggest that even in moderation, it can still do damage. So, if I was dealing with someone wanting to find out if they had food intolerance, I would say take out gluten 100% for 3 weeks. No, “in moderation” at all. And, if taking out what’s harming you helps you feel great, would you really want to eat it even in moderation?

Now, if you are willing to deal with the consequences of whatever you’re eating or drinking (i.e. willing to feel the ill effects of eating what you shouldn’t be, such as bloated/foggy/a “flare up” of a health condition, etc.) then, that’s your choice.

I just happened to take that chance last weekend when I ate  sugar and bread just in moderation. It was my husband’s birthday and I had a couple of cupcakes and garlic bread. The next morning, I felt like I spent the night out drinking and dancing. It was the worse feeling ever! I had forgotten how much improving my diet had healed my body. Will I do it again? I might be a bit smarter about it and not do both at the same time.

We are all human and there will be times that you want to have a treat or whatever. I would just suggest that you not do it if you need to be at your best for something the next day.

Something that I wished I would of had sense about during my partying twenties! ; )


How do you feel about moderation? Would love to hear from you!


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