The top 5 house tools every family needs to own

Whether you are a fixer-upper type of a person or you prefer to hire out handy work, there are tools that every home should have in case minor repairs are needed. Most small repairs can be handled without having to call a handyman or professional service to come out to assist you. By having a set standard of tools at your disposal, you can save time, money, and frustration by fixing simple things around your home on  your own. This article will discuss some of the top tools that every home needs to own. For more information, visit


  • Hammer. A hammer is a great tool to have in case you need to hang a picture on the wall or hammer down a nail that has popped out. Hammers can also be used to pry things open in a pinch such as a paint can.


  • Screwdriver set. It is amazing how often you may find that you use a screwdriver. Your best bet is to invest in a basic set that includes various sizes of phillips and flathead screwdrivers. Having a basic set will come in hand when you need to tighten the knobs on your cabinets or even install a new light switch panel. You can use a screwdriver to fix things not related to your home as well. If you have a very thin and fine screwdriver, you can fix a pair of glasses by tightening the arms.


  • Drill. A drill is a great tool to have if you want to properly hang pictures, or nail, or screw something together. A drill makes putting together furniture easier than using the small tool that is included in the package. A drill also makes it easy to tighten loose furniture after wear and tear has occurred..


  • Tape measure. Whether you want to buy curtains or a new rug, you will need a measuring tape. Measuring an area is important when purchasing new items for your home such as an area rug, piece of furniture, or new curtains and blinds. If you do not have the proper measurements, your new addition won’t fit and will look out of place. This can cause frustration in having to return the item and exchange it for something else that does fit. You can save the hassle up front by keeping a tape measure in your toolbox for moments where you need to measure something.


  • Flashlight. Last but certainly not least, it is smart to have a flashlight in your home in case the power goes out or you need to see something but the light does not hit it enough to see it well. You can purchase a cheap flashlight for a few dollars at your local hardware store but be sure to invest in a pack of batteries as well as they can burn out quickly. You would not want to be stuck in the middle of a thunderstorm with no power and no flashlight because your batteries burned out. If you have some extra money to spend, consider buying an LED flashlight as it will last a lot longer than a standard flashlight with regular batteries.