The Rock Star Bday Party

It was that time of the year, when we plan the ultimate birthday party for Emily’s friends. Last year, it was Monster High (actually, the last two years). This year, we decided on a Rock Star theme.

We started with a “backstage pass” birthday invitation that the girls loved. I simply designed the card and had them printed at Walgreen’s photo lab. Then, I punched a whole in the top and took some colored cord and tied it in the back with a tiny black rubber band.


We went with Party City’s Rock Star decorations, mixed with Target and Walmart’s products.  Her cake was made at Target-our favorite place-which, at first we didn’t care for the design, until we realized that they made it exactly like her drawing she did for them. Then, Emily thought it was cool.

p1The girls got a make over first to get ready for their big rock star photo shoot.


They also got to “design” their own guitar with glitter and jewels.


Emily in “Rock Star” form.


After some pizza rolls, cake and ice cream, they posed for their final photo shoot that I plan on putting each on their own Rock Star magazine cover as a thank-you to each.

What a fun party!