JCP Girl Fashion find

Emily’s birthday is this weekend (Sunday to be exact), so we had to do our usual birthday outfit(s) shopping. She has three parties to dress for; Grandparents party, friends party, and her party with just us on her actual birthday (that she shares with my mom).  We usually just get one outfit and that’s what she wears to all three.

Sounds practical, right?

This year, she asked if she could get an extra outfit. You know,  for the blog…


I reluctantly agreed. After all, she’s not an only child, so what if the word got out to her siblings?

The madness it could cause.


Especially with her older brother, who already tries to break the bank by letting me know he needs new jeans about every other week, a new video game every month, and money to eat out every weekend.

Why, he just might get in his head that if she gets to do that, then he should be able to get his own car…

Just because it’s a Wednesday.

Arizona Fox Shirt -Can’t find it online, but probably will be at any JCP

Arizona Faux Fur Vest  On sale: $14.99

Arizona Tiered Plaid Skirt  On sale $14.99