Friday Favorites: Fitness, Fashion, Dogs and More


I swear, this is a face only a mother could love. Nah, we love our little Beans (my son wants another one and name him Pork-get it? Pork and Beans?) Anyway, I can’t believe it’s already Friday! Lately, I feel like I just can’t keep up with everything there is to do during the week. I guess it’s a good thing that my business is getting bigger, but with things that need done in my personal life on top of keeping clients happy, sometimes I just can’t see that light at the end of the tunnel!

When things get overbearing, I like to just walk away and literally go for a walk to recoup myself. Or, while some may turn to a big glass of wine, I like to get lost on Instagram or Pinterest and dream of having all the pretty things I see on there and all the places I want to visit. It helps to just forget about reality and live in dreamland for a quick minute.


My Friday Favs For The Week:


I’m loving this idea of putting salads in a mason jar. Actually, I guess you can use them (mason jars) for lots of things, like parfaits, fruits, etc. I’m going out this weekend and picking up a crap load!

I’m a drink fanatic. I’d rather drink my calories then eat them a lot of times. I love to try out new juices (I read the labels first!), flavored waters, etc. In fact, if you are a follower on my Instagram, you know that I post a new drink about every other day. I was fascinated when I found this water on the shelf while shopping the other day.

Chocolate flavored water??

Say whaaaat?

I had to try it and guess what? It does have a hint of chocolate to it! It’s mainly mint flavored, but it’s totally on my “drinks list”. In fact, I’m going to do a full post on it soon. If you can’t wait, you can find them here.  : )


Fitness Blogs

My new fitness blog to read is Yoga Mat Monkey. I know, it is a cute name! Rica blogs here and she’s a yogi (I bet you didn’t guess that). She has wonderful tips about fitness, inspiration, healthy habits, and peace and balance. Go visit her after you finish my post!


Fitness Fashion

I live in workout clothes from yoga pants to leggings. I work at home, so I’m allowed to. ; ) I love finding very cool outfits that I can workout in, or even run to the store in. When I found Inner Fire yoga clothing line, I was in love. I know you will fall in love too!


I found these shoes on Pinterest and I need to find where to buy them. Aren’t they adorable?!?


via Pinterest

Healthy Home

I try to make my own products as much as I can, or at least purchase natural products from companies I trust. I’m loving this DIY cleaner recipe that uses lemon-lemon is my best friend when it comes to so many uses. Find the recipe link here.

DIY Lemon Cleaner

How’s your Friday going? Any exciting plans?

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