Friday Favorites

Hey you!

I thought I’d dust off my Friday Favorites series and start it up again-I’ve been showing you all the awesome  new products that I’ve been crushing on Instagram, but I wanted to talk to you about them on the blog as well.

So, let’s begin!

Friday Favs for the Week

Favorite Recipe

I have been trying to fit more carrots in my life. Did you know eating carrots daily for breakfast can reduce cholesterol levels? The Vitamin A in carrots prevents signs of aging like wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

My favorite new recipe is this Spiralized Carrot Salad from Skinny Taste.


Favorite Fitness Wear

I’m loving these Nike Womens Tanjun Running Sneakers . They are so freakin comfortable. When I bought them, the girl behind the counter said she just bought a pair and she couldn’t believe how she could wear them all day and her feet didn’t hurt. If you do a lot of standing/walking, you need these stat!


Favorite for Home

You know that I love, love, love essential oils, so why wouldn’t I love diffusers? I have one for almost every room of the house. My new color scheme in my home are greys and blacks, so I’m picking up this beautiful Young Living Rainstone Diffuser.

friday favs

Favorite Food

Perfect Bar, of course! I probably eat too many of these, but they are so good! Perfect bar has so many great flavors and I think I probably tried all of them. The flavor I am obsessed with is blueberry cashew-you MUST try.

my favorite

Favorite Essential Oil

I can’t get enough of peppermint oil these days. I have peppermint shampoo, peppermint lotion, peppermint soap, peppermint room spray, and peppermint candles. I can’t get enough of it! I love the Dr Bronner peppermint organic lotion I include in my Grove Collaborate monthly order.


Have I intrigued you?

Until next time!

XO Tess