2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Ideas for Everyone in Your Family

gift-guide-2016Hello, lovely people! How was your Thanksgiving?

I ate a lot, so I’ve been trying get in as much juicing as possible.

Now with Christmas around the corner, I know that I’ll start getting grumpy if I hang out at the mall to do my shopping. I mean, if ONE more person comes up to me at the mall and asks if I want to try their new apple banana perfume, or telling me how my kids need a new remote control dog, I’m going to scream!

So, that’s why I’m doing my shopping online-and who doesn’t  LOVE getting packages on their door step?!?

If you’d like to skip the crowds too, I’ve got ya covered with some awesome gift ideas (I also have another gift guide here too) for you-some are what I own, want to own, and/or gave as a gift before.


For the Girl in Your Life

1.  Pop Up Sponges – These are super cool! 100% all-natural vegetable cellulose.  Made in the USA. Dishwasher & washing machine safe. I love this set, which comes with 3 sponges and it’s so fun to watch them grow! Extra bonus: If you get it from Grove Co., you get a BIG discount in better-for-you cleaning products.

2.  Essential Oil Travel Bag – If you use oils like I do (we must be best friends), then you know that you need something to put them in. I got tired of having mine fall out of the cabinet like Jenga, so I was happy to find a case to put them in.

3.  Essential Oil Diffuser – Everyone should have a diffuser in their home! Diffusers can transform a room into a healing source, make things more clean smelling, and even to help with sleep. I plan on getting another one as well!

4.  The Good Home Co. Sheet and Clothing Spray – This company has theeeee best scents for their products! Fresh cut grass scent? Come on!

5. Theo Bar  – My total favorite chocolate bar. This has been one of the only chocolate bars that doesn’t contain soy.

6. 10-Minute Recipes: Fast Food, Clean Ingredients, Natural Health – This book is great for the health minded foodie. Great for fast recipe ideas.

7. Wool Dryer Balls  – Have you ever tried this wonderful invention? Like, your laundry will be done faster if you have one of these little babies-I promise!  They also soften clothes without harsh chemicals. Another plus! Stick a couple in their stockings and they will thank you.

8. Holiday Blend Oils– Speaking of oils again (I know, but I’m passionate about them, darn it!), this blend set will make you start singing those Christmas songs that you hate having stuck in your head.

9. Perfectly Posh Skincare – Of course I’m going to mention this! Their skincare is affordable and made with natural ingredients and they are simply da bomb.

10.Vida Glow Marine Collagen  – Hands down, the BEST marine collagen! This collagen gets rave reviews and typically sells out all the time, so that tells me it’s great stuff!


For That Guy In Your Life

1. Grub Scrub– This upcoming business makes their products with natural ingredients (you could eat this stuff!). Your man’s face will be as soft as a baby’s butt! They also smell very yummy.

2. The Mobot Water Bottle – Mobot combines two essential recovery habits – rehydrating and foam rolling – into one cool unit! So pretty, you might want one too. ;)

3.  Coffee Bone Broth Protein To die for! For the first time ever, bone broth and organic espresso coffee combined-perfect for that coffee drinking daddy.

4. Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat – I love using this every night.

For real…

5. Kettle Fire Bone Broth– This is the best bone broth for those who don’t drink it straight. Your man can add it to any drink or recipe.

6. Organic Habanero Sauce – This stuff is the best!

7. Wakeup Light – Have you used this before? This wakeup light simulates sunrise in your bedroom, which helps your body synchronize it’s internal clock so that it know when to produce the hormones which produce energy.

Very cool…


For That Foodie In Your Life

1. Kasandrinos Olive Oil – This is hands down the healthiest and best olive oil! Did you know that many times some of the larger olive oil companies buy olives and olive oils from all over the world and then blend them together? And In some instances, companies will “water down” the olive oil with with other vegetable oils like soy or canola.

That pisses me off!!

BUT, you don’t have to worry about this oil-It comes from South Eastern Greece and their olive oil is Certified Organic. What I like about them is their olive oil is fresh. They only sell from the current year’s harvest. So, save that olive oil lover in your life and get them a bottle!

2. Pressure Cooker –  The Instant Pot, is basically a programmable pressure cooker, crockpot/slow cooker, yogurt maker and rice cooker in one. What’s cool about this one? The inside of the InstantPot is stainless steel.


3. Ceramic Waffle Maker – This baby is an electric, teflon-free waffle maker!

Enuf said…

4. Coffee Sock – This year I stopped using my regular coffeemaker for the Coffee Sock. It’s much less acidic and more smooth, and there’s literally no plastic involved.

5. Kombucha Brewing Kit – This is perfect to get your man into bringing Kombucha in his life.

6. Stainless Steel Pan – I love using stainless steel for whatever I can.

7. Spiralizer –This is perfect for making vegetable pasta-and fun to use too.


For That Kid In Your Life

1.  Buddha Board –  My youngest is getting one of these because she plays with it in the store all the time. It basically allows you to paint and then watch it fade away like disappearing ink.

2. Magna Tiles – A bit pricey, but worth it because you will get many hours of play out of them.

3. Wildcraft Board Game – Wildcraft teaches about herbs. A different type of game, but has lots of teaching of being kind to each other.

4.  Gorilla Gym – This indoor gym is a life savor for families that get snow and cold in winter seasons.

5. Little Sapling Toys on Etsy – I really love this Etsy shop. They finish their toys with beeswax and an organic jojoba oil. 

6. Plan Toys Dancing Alligator– They make all of their toys in a sustainable factory in Thailand. In my opinion, they are the best non-toxic commercially produced toy maker out there. They are starting to make composite toys with their left over saw dust.

7. Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Every child can benefit from having their own rockin’ necklace diffuser. It’s perfect for kids who need that calmness once in awhile too.

Do you have all your shopping done yet?

Another great gift idea is a membership to Thrive Market- can I tell you? I simply LOVE this membership and have saved a fortune!

* this post contains affiliate links.