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Since I’m all into hair, skin and nail remedies, I’m always reading up on what everyone uses. I like to try different things and take advice from someone who clearly is on top of their game with their health. I know biotin is a big topic whe nit comes to maintaining great hair and skin, but as I found out, the big beauty secret that models don’t like to tell is to take GELATIN.

Models are let in on this beauty secret at the beginning of their careers, and they swear by it for keeping their skin and hair looking gorgeous.

If you don’t believe models, than scientific studies over the years back this up. See  this article, with actual science here. In addition to  anti-aging and collagen boosting results, it’s also said that gelatin can boost your immune system and aid weight control. Studies have also proved that glycine, found in gelatin, helps you to sleep better at night.

So, ditch those creams and and start popping pills, dammit!

Gelatin pills, that is.

Gelatin even serves as a good source of protein, containing 18 of the essential amino acids. It can also help with hormonal imbalances, which is can lead to infertility and inflammation.

What else does gelatin do? Many people use gelatin to improve their joint and bone health. This is especially beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis and joint pain.

Like yours truly…


You guys know I’m allllll about prevention so when I see the words ‘reduces wrinkles,’ I get giddy. I just want to tell you: save a lot of money by just taking gelatin internally each day and use coconut for your skin care!


If you’re not in to pill popping ( hey, some people hate swallowing pills ), try gelatin gummies!

Wait what?

Gummies made from grass fed gelatin (you can find the best gelatin here ) and sweetened with raw honey are one of the healthiest treats you can have. Try these recipes:  lemon gummies, orange gummies and strawberry  gummies . Guess what? Your whole family can try these babies! They’ll think they’re eating regular gummies and not realize that they are eating something that will help with bone-building & a gut-healing superfood.

Gelatin is kind of FREAKING AMAZING.

One more thing, bone broth creates gelatin in your body too, so you can drink it as well!

Do you take gelatin? Have you heard of it?