What Is Perfectly Posh?

what is perfectly posh?
Perfectly Posh is a bad ass line of purely pampering products designed to give everyone a chance to pamper themselves no matter how busy their lives can be. Wouldn’t we ALL like to go to the spa once a week? If you have a busy lifestyle like I do, chances are you don’t have a lot of time to fuss with yourself.
BUT, I bet you have at least 5 minutes out of your day to get pampered?
I’m sure you’re like, what makes Perfectly Posh different from the last Joe Schmo product you were pitched to?
Wellllll… Perfectly Posh products are high quality, spa-grade products that are designed to enrich your health as well as pamper. Perfectly Posh guarantees that:
  • All products are made in the USA
  • No animal by-products or animal testing is done
  • No soy or gluten fillers in any of the products
  • No SLS or parabens are in any of the products
In otherwords, this product rocks!!
If you have any questions about Perfectly Posh products or any of its ingredients, you can contact me at info@wheretesslives.com . Want to shop? Check out all the awesomeness HERE.