why bone broths are good for you + what I’ve been up to

bone broth for your skin

Hi ya, guys. How is your day so far?

I’m doing good-well, I’m under a lot of deadlines. Don’t you hate that? Like, you need to be in a dozen places at once.


Anyway, I’ve been sipping on some hot bone broth while I work and wanted to tell you why…

Bone broths are extraordinarily rich in protein, and can be a source of minerals as well. The glycine in bone broth supports digestion and the secretion of gastric acids. Proline supports good skin health (add some vitamin C too!). Bone broths are also rich in gelatin which may support skin health.  And, lastly, if you’ve ever wondering why chicken soup is good for a cold, the broth helps mitigate the side effects of colds, flus and upper respiratory infections.  Pretty cool, huh?

I like to think that when the stress is up in my life, drinking some extra bone broth will keep things pretty regular in the digestive system and I also tend to get colds when I stress too much.

So, what’s been going on in my life lately?

If you didn’t know, I run a couple of blogs, write for some companies, and other crazy things. Lately, I’ve had a different vision for this blog and what I want to do with it.

(do you like the new colors?)

Being a health coach really gives you many opportunities career wise.  I’ve chosen to take my knowledge and help others through my writing and to help others change their home to a less toxic environment with oils. I am thinking about starting up two 21 day programs-I’m passionate about bone broth and oils-and would love to get others on board as well.

What do you think?

-bye for now



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