$1,137 in Healthy Living Resources for Less than a Steak Dinner?

I don’t put myself into any classification when it comes to eating choices. I make some meals vegetarian, some raw, some paleo, and whatever else my body needs. So, I try to talk about all beliefs when it comes to diet on here. Which brings me to telling you about a ‘can’t pass up’ deal my friends over at PaleoPlan.com are offering right now.

(You might want to sit down for this.)

They’ve put together a collection of dozens of Paleo and Primal resources from some of the most respected names anywhere…If you haven’t evolved enough from all of the eBooks, they have 10 eCourses for you to learn even more. The bundle includes over 50 discounts for some of the most sought after products around. 

Resources like:
Full-color, step-by-step recipe eBooks
Detailed nutrition guides
Paleo/Primal courses
Fitness guides and challenges
And much more!

Here is are just some of the ebooks included in the bundle:




And, if you are wondering, I did buy it myself and love it!! Looking through all the ebooks that it comes with and being an ebook junkie, and just couldn’t pass it up.

All for just $29?

Hell ya!!


This bundle contains works from Paleo/Primal experts like Mark Sisson, Dr. Tim Gerstmar, and Diana Rodgers, just to name a few!

You know you want to click here to get this!

And then, on top of that, they’ve thrown in a TON of coupon codes for some of the most well-known Paleo/Primal stores around. You get to save a bundle on your Paleo and Primal cooking ingredients…plus things like natural care products, healthy snacks, and much more!

When you add them all up, there’s more than 100 resources right at your fingertips. The retail value of the eBooks and guides alone is over $1,137. And the coupon codes can be worth more than that!

I’m so excited to try out ALL of these awesome brands that included great discounts on their products! I’m thinking that this will be perfect to invest in trying some new products out and also giveaway to you awesome readers.

evolve your life kit


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