Have a guilt-free Memorial Weekend

healthy cookout ideas

This weekend  is Memorial Day Weekend –I plan on taking it easy and enjoying my three day weekend. I don’t believe in trying to fight the crazy traffic, but instead, have a quiet cookout at our house. One thing I find hard is fighting the urge to not get caught up in all the sugary drinks and snacks that I’m sure friends will bring. It’s not too bad because since we have it at our house, I have control on the quality of the meat (no antibiotics and grass fed), and we will have plenty of bottled water and though I’m sure there will be chips, I’ll also offer veggies and fruits to snack on as well. Now, if you’ve decided to throw your own BBQ this weekend but afraid you might fall into the “hot dog coma”, not to worry! My friends at Integrative Nutrition have come to the rescue! They have put together this handy infographic to help guide you through a guilt-free AND delicious Memorial Day Weekend. mdw_infographic_final_0 Have a great holiday weekend!! XOXO  Tess