Balance Your Hormones By Changing How You Clean

how to balance your hormones while you clean

Usually when you think about balancing your hormones, changing your diet comes to mind. Or, maybe watching your stress level and tossing out chemical-laden beauty products. While these are important, most women overlook one big part of their  lives that’s overloaded with harmful chemicals: their home cleaning products.

I don’t know about you, but I was always taught that a house could only get clean by using harsh bleach and cleansers. Yeah, your house may look clean, but over time these chemicals can affect everything from your mood to your fertility.

Now that the weather is beautiful and we all are in cleaning mode, it’s important to  evaluate that cleaner you’ve been using and it’s potential impact on your health.

“Green” is not always what it says it is…

Maybe you already changed over your cleaning supply to “green” products. BUT, did you really? Before you put that “eco-friendly” or “natural” cleaning product in your shopping cart, take a closer look at that product. Did you know that  a “green” label doesn’t necessarily guarantee it’s safe? Words like “natural” and “eco-friendly” are largely unregulated. In fact, cleaning companies don’t even need to disclose all the ingredients in their products.

How do I make sure I have hormone-friendly cleaning products?

There are many truly healthy products on the market—you just have to know how to find them. Here are products I personally use in my home that I recommend. Just making these simple changes will go a long way to protect  your hormonal health.

Kitchen and Bathroom:

Seventh Generation cleaning products are true to their word.  You can use them on everything from the toilet to the kitchen sink, which is nice on the pocket book. Get it cheaper here.


Instead of your regular detergent, try an orange oil cleanser instead. I love that it’s  safe to clean your dishes and toilet bowl too.

To disinfect:

Did you know your  Comet are loaded with nasty chemicals? Try using baking soda instead. Mixing baking soda with water kills bacteria because it neutralizes the acid they produce. And guess what? It’s completely nontoxic! I love, love, love baking soda and it’s many uses. Add a  cup to your laundry for fresh crisp clothes, use it on your floors to disinfect, and even in your mouth as toothpaste.


I’ve thrown away all my mops and floor cleaners for a steam vacuum.  Add some baking soda and water mixture to clean  floors, rugs, and carpets instead of toxic chemicals.

To clear the air:

I used to be super guilty of just popping in an artificially scented air freshener when the air smelled stale in our home. Now, I use electronic essential oil diffusers instead. Essential oils have many other health benefits on top of making your home smell wonderful.

Want to find out more about balancing your hormones? I highly recommend the book, The Hormone Cure by Sara Gottfried. I’ve read it and even taken her online course. She’s the REAL DEAL- I promise!

What Do You Do To Balance Your Hormones?


XOXO, Tess

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