Is your olive oil the real thing?

best quality olive oil

There’s one thing that I think everyone can agree on is that olive oil is something that should be included in your diet. It’s heart healthy and full of vitamins and minerals. Eating a good quality fat like olive oil is essential for beautiful skin as well.
The thing is though, there’s a bit of a scandal going on when it comes to whether or not you are actually eating a quality oil.

With everyone wanting to get their hands on some of this liquid gold, of course businesses are going to try to cash in on it. But, since they also would rather get more than less of a profit, they cut olive oil with something cheap like soybean or canola oil.

Since there isn’t any regulation on this, they get away with it.

So you could very well have a bottle of  Italian “olive oil” that really isn’t olive oil. Or a bottle of olive oil that is so old, it’s rancid.

Do I have your blood boiling yet?

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing the true quality of your olive oil. BUT, you can do this:

When selecting a quality olive oil, look for the following:

  • Oils from outside Italy-the industry fraud is most concentrated there. Oils from places like Greece or California are a better source.
  • An olive oil that is stored in a tinted glass or tin container. Avoid clear glass and plastic, or anything that has been exposed to direct light.
  • Not only an expiration date but a specific harvest or press date.
  • Avoid bargain prices.One olive tree only produces about 3 liters per year. There’s no way a farmer could make a profit selling so cheaply.

The best advice is to know the source of your olive oil. Upon doing research on olive oils, I’ve found that Kasandrinos Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a source you can trust!


kasandrinos organic extra virgin greek olive oil

Tony and Effi Kasandrinos’ family have enjoyed fresh-pressed extra virgin olive oil for generations from their trees in Niata, Greece.

What’ makes their oil different?

The olive used in their olive oil is the Koroneiki which is grown in the perfectly warm and stable climate of the Southern Peloponnese. The ideal conditions for the olive trees cultivation combined with the early harvest and the modern machinery used to press the olives are all instrumental in their quality and authenticity guarantee. Once produced via cold extraction, the Koroneiki offers a very balanced taste that combines a perfect mix of spicy and bitter. Our olives are hand picked from our century old GMO free trees and cold pressed with only mechanical pressing methods. Every batch is given a chemical analysis. All olives used in the Kasandrinos Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil are sustainably sourced from the olive orchards in Laconia Greece and are pressed within 48 hours of harvest.

I guarrentee that you will love the taste of this olive oil! I really think that this may of been the first time to taste a real olive oil. Try some of the olive oil you have in your house and then try some Kasandrinos Olive Oil. I swear you won’t want to go back-and for good reason!

Want to try some yourself?

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kasandrinos organic extra virgin greek olive oil

 Kasandrinos Virgin Olive Oil