Hip Appeal Hip Wrap: Not Your Granny’s Fanny Pack

Better fanny pack

We probably can all say that we’ve bought at least one fanny pack before. I’ve done it and I actually loved it.

Yes, I loved it.

I can’t remember if it was in to wear one at the time. Were fanny packs ever in style??

But, now I don’t think I would wear one-at least until now.

Now, I love my new fanny pack, er, I mean Hip Appeal’s “Hip Wrap” (I love that name waaaaaaaay better!). It works like a fanny pack to keep your valuables safe and your hands free. These adorable and fashionable wraps just blend into your sports wear. I’m a big yoga pants wearing gal, so this just blended so nicely with all my outfits.


This hip wrap almost never leaves my body. Well, I might take it off when I go to bed. Otherwise, this has almost replaced my purse for almost every time I go out. Okay, I have to say, even when I don’t go out.


There are so many uses for the Hip Appeal Hip Wrap!

Leisure Hip Wrap

Wear it when you run to the store for a few things.

Walking Hip Wrap

My favorite! Wear you hip wrap out walking to store your keys and phone.

yoga hipwrap

Use it for yoga.

hip appeal for running

Of course, Hip Appeal Hip Wraps are great for running!

Hip wraps are very comfortable and I’m so going to take mine with on our trip to Disney World this fall too. Oh, did I tell you that I wear it around the house to listen to my school lessons while doing housework and whatever else I need to do. All while not having to hold my phone!

I’m so in love…


The  Hip Appeal Wraps collection has a wide range of stylish hip waist bands in chic designs and bold colors to match and complement your apparels. They come in different sizes as well to fit every body shape.

Now I need to start getting more of them in different colors…

Come back and visit the blog again because we are going to be giving one away soon-hint: if you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll find out sooner!

How would you use the Hip Appeal Hip Wrap?


 Where Tess Lives was given a Hip Appeal Hip Wrap for an honest review.

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