Friday Favorites: Watermelon Yogurt, Organic Bed Sheets and More


Well, I survived my “cleanse” from all sugar. I cut it down to a week because I felt it did what I needed it to do. Now that I can bring a bit back in, I tried Chobani’s new limited watermelon flavor and love it! You should try it-add some freshly cut watermelon slices to it for even more watermelon goodness.


My Friday Favs For The Week:


Acai, Blueberry & Maca Smoothie Bowl

organic breakfast

image: sprinklewithlove

I couldn’t resist this beautiful bowl of goodness. Try this Acai, Blueberry and Maca Smoothie Bowl and watch some reality TV.

Green Tea Ice Cream

organic green tea ice cream

image: just one cookbook

I’m not sure why, but I like green food. A green shake? I’m there! Some green tea cookies? Yum! Okay, now I would have to draw the line at a “green hamburger” but, green ice cream?


I hear it’s going to be a hot one this weekend, so make you some green tea ice cream , Girlfriend!

Healthy Blogs


 A Couple Cooks

about2image: a couple cooks

If you love looking at beautiful food photos (and incredible recipes as well!) A Couple Cooks offers healthy vegetarian and whole food recipes. Check them out!


Healthy Green Kitchen

healthy green kitchen

Another beautiful food blog that’s full of wonderful recipes.  Winnie is the author of this blog and is actually a published author too. She also has a graduate degree in naturopathic medicine and  currently studying sports nutrition, so those fitness gurus who read my blog need to check her blog out!

Healthy Home


Organic Bedding

organic bedding

image: boll & branch

We spend, on average, between five to nine hours in our bed sheets, exposing us to many chemicals. Non-organic cotton is sprayed with large amounts of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are not only damaging to the environment, but to your health as well. So, toss the old ones out and invest in a pair of 100% organic cotton sheets, no fabric blends. Try these fabulous organic cotton sheets by Boll & Branch. Don’t worry about them not feeling soft-they are heaven! If you are not into cotton, organic silk or bamboo are other safe options.


DIY Mint Lip Balm and Scrub Duo


image: alyssa & carla

If I can make my own beauty tool, I’m there! I’ve been wanting to start using a lip scrub since I’ve been reading about them all over the net. Create just the right amount of  lip balm to last you awhile and to have some handy for everyone. Get the recipe here.

What’s your favorite DIY beauty recipe?

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