Friday Favorites: Cool Eggs, Yoga Mat Styling and More

best pasture raised eggs

I had to buy these for the packaging alone. I just felt more chic having them in my fridge. There even was a mini “newsletter” inside! How could you not want to get up to these eggs in the morning?


My Friday Favs For The Week:


Bamboo Juice

If you  follow me on Istagram .  you know I post ALOT of juice photos. I love bottled juices, water-and almond milk, so I like to hunt down and try different brands. That’s when I found Bamboo Juices. I wish I lived close enough to buy their juices and milks daily. They have awesome bottled drinks from Basil Watermelon to Mocha Almond Milk. They have cleanse programs as well and they even deliver your daily cleanse package to your doorstep.

I want juices delivered to my doorstep!



Healthy Chocolate Fudgesicles

healthy fudge bars

It’s scoring around 100 degrees in different parts of the country right now, so a cool “healthy” treat is in order. Putting chocolate into the equation is only a plus! I found this Healthy Chocolate Fudgesicle recipe on one of my favorite food blogs.


Healthy Blogs

I found a number of awesome health/fitness blogs that you need to check out:

Fitful Focus

Baking in Yoga Pants

Run. Lift. Yoga


Fitness Fashion

best yoga matYes, yoga mats are considered a part of fashion. I have a yoga mat obsession. I check out other yoga mats and get “yoga mat envy” whenever I see a cute yoga mat someone else has. I’m totally loving the mats that have designs on them, like this beautiful yoga mat from Gaiam.


Healthy Home

Salt Lamps

best salt lamp
Have you heard of salt lamps? Salt lamps are natural negative ion generators. You see, there are both positive and negative ions in the air. An ion is an atom or molecule that net a positive or negative electrical charge. In other words, salt crystals (when heated) produce negative ions that help clean the air and for some people, reduce allergies.

Just make sure that you have a high quality  Himalayan Salt Lamp and if you can, have one or two in each room.

They are simply wonderful!


 Have a happy 4th tomorrow-any big plans?


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