Reprogram Your Life: Bioscience for a Healthier You {A Review}

Hi beautiful!

This seems to be the year of reading books for me!

I am in information override right now, with all the nutritional, diet, exercise and spiritual books that have been coming my way. I also just started school to be a health coach, so I’ve been busy, busy, and busy!

I wanted to make sure I made time to fit in this book that I was asked to review. It’s called Reprogram Your Life: Bioscience for a Healthier You by Dr. Steven Willey.

Reprogram your life

This is a powerful book about weight loss and exercise and one that impressed me. There is also an app called You + connected with it, which is awesome! People struggle with weight issues, with the world making it easier to grab something on the go then to take the time to make something healthy.  This book is a complete guide on healthy eating with the proper exercise needed to losing unwanted weight and heal your body. It’s like spending time with a personal physician and trainer answering all of your wellness questions in detail.

I loved the section on strength training.  After I read those chapters, I decided to make this goal a priority since I mainly just do yoga. The sample exercise routines were comprehensive for all age groups and explained about the muscle we lose as we age as well. I particularly liked the chapter on Vital Nutrients and found it very insightful. The information on how and when to take dietary supplements was also very useful to me since I’m still studying about what are the right one’s to take. I also liked what Dr. Willey said in the book: “Your health isn’t just about what you eat, what exercise you do, and whether you get enough sleep. It’s a complex interplay among many factors in your complex life. What you do in one area of your life affects what you need to do in another.”

Think about that for a minute!

I messed around with the You+ program as well. This works for anyone, regardless of age. The YOU+ program is based on bioscience, medical experience, and research. It was easy to set up and maneuver through. It’s advice sets up realistic goals for you to take upon daily with a check in on your phone to make sure you are keeping up with your goals. I also liked that if you need to eat out, there are menu options based on your needs without you having to figure out it for yourself.

Steven Willey clearly spent a lot of time on putting this book together and it will help so many. If you are looking for a long term weight loss and want to be healthier, this book is the one to get you there. 

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