The Best Yoga Mat

best yoga mat

I’m a big yoga mat crusher.

Meaning, I am obsessed with them! Every time I go to class, I’m wanting to try out the other student’s mats.

“Is yours softer then mine?” I ask my seemingly annoyed yoga neighbor. “How is it on your knees?”

I’m constantly looking for that best yoga mat.

I decided it was time to do some research to find out, What brand of yoga mats is the best?

 I went ahead and asked around on what yoga mat yoga teachers and students recommend. After many emails and questions, it seems like the same brand came up for their recommendation.

And the winner is…..

The Jade Yoga Mat

The Daily Cup of Yoga states, “Besides the great traction, the Jade Mat is heavy enough that it lays out nice and flat on the ground without sliding or moving around.”

Shannon of One Tree Hot Yoga  recommends getting a Jade if you can. Yoga Journal says that a good yoga mat needs to have a good grip. The Jade Yoga Mat has great grip, so this is perfect for those doing hot yoga!


I also found out that its not heavy, so when you need to carry your mat far, it won’t hurt your shoulders. They make a travel yoga mat for those that take their mat every where. Not only are Jade Yoga Mats made in the U.S. with natural rubber (no PVC or synthetic rubber), the company is committed to giving back to the earth. “Buy a Mat. We Plant a Tree.”

I was totally sold!

best yoga mat

I bought the red one and love it so much!

Get a Jade Yoga Mat

What do you think is the best yoga mat? Why?


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