3 Reasons Why A Massage Should Be Part Of Your Routine

why you need a massage

Hey you!

Do you love massages? Who doesn’t! If I could bribe my hubby to give me a massage every day, I would be the most happiest mama in the world-and for good reason!  

Massage is said to be one of the oldest forms of treatment. It is human nature to pat your friends back, or give them a hug if they are having a hard time. Therapeutic massage have been used for centuries as a cure for illness and disease. Massages are not only good for your muscles, but getting a massage also helps the rest of your body and your mind.

Stress release is usually why people seek out a professional massage to help relieve tension and relax. We can experience stress from  many reasons, but most are from these five major reasons:

EMOTIONS: Anxiety, fear, depression.
PAIN: Disease or injury.
OVERUSE OF: Caffeine, chocolate, sugar, medication.
PATHOLOGY: Illness or conditions creating secondary conditions
EXPOSURE: Environmental toxins, excessive heat or cold

While releasing stress is beneficial, there are other reasons to make a massage a part of your routine. Three to be exact!

Reason 1:  Decrease Anxiety and Depression

First thought on how to combat depression and anxiety are is to treat with psychotherapy and medication. While these can help, there are other practices that can decrease the symptoms of depression and compliment a professional therapy program.  Treating with frequent massages can induce relaxation and promote proper breathing, two ingredients necessary to release negative and stagnated energy.

Reason 2:  Body Detox

This one is my favorite!  When we remove toxins from our body and provide it with healthy nutrients, we start a rejuvenation process that has an endless list of benefits from optimum health to beautiful skin and hair. Massage Therapy has been found very effective in eliminating toxins.  Through the process of kneading and pushing/pressing, blood circulation is increased and an increase of oxygen to tissue cells that starts the process of metabolic waste elimination. It is important through to follow up with water to completely wash out the toxins.  

Reason 3:  Improved Immune System

Stress is one of the major causes of a lowered immune response.  It is known that the stress response induces hormonal activity that can suppress some aspects of the immune response. Therefore, stress may contribute directly to the development of illness. A massage is very beneficial in reducing stress thus, increasing activity of your immune system. One unpublished research paper from the Touch Research Institute shows that one month of daily massage increased the activity levels of white blood cells in the people who were HIV positive, stimulating immunity.

If you can’t talk your significant other into giving you into a daily or weekly massage, there are many excellent spas out there (if you are in the Quad Cities, check out Soothing Touch Wellness Center -they are very awesome people!) and most offer specials for first visits. There are even some massage schools that give free massages (heck ya!) if you don’t mind a student doing it.

Do you fit massages into your weekly or monthly routine?

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