Random Things


I’ve been out of commission for a week with a bad UTI, which I was surprised since I haven’t had one for years (I used to be prone to them). Last Saturday,  had decided that if I still felt bad by Sunday, I was going to give in and go to the walkin clinic.

During my errand running, I had to stop by our GNC to grab some vitamins and renew my membership. When I went to checkout, the girl behind the counter told me that I could get something for 50% off with their buy one, get one 50% off special. I told her I really didn’t need anything else, but if she had any recommendations, I was open.

She proceeded to show me some chew vitamins they had on the counter and said that the chewable probiotics were good. Then, she mentioned that with the 50% off, I should get their higher quality probiotics on the shelf for same price. She walked me over to them and then just happened to mention they were great for UTIs.

Are you freakin’ kidding me?!?

I hadn’t even told her that I had one. Could she read my mind? Was my pain and agony visible on my face? I quickly bought them, thanked her and rushed to my car to try them out. Not but 30 minutes later, I feel 97% better! A week later of probiotics and cranberry juice and I was cured!

Clearly, this girl was sent from heaven to help cure me of this painful UTI. Or, at least save me an expensive doctor bill.

1. I want to let you know that I’ve been doing great with cutting out all processed food. I’m enjoying finding ways to make great tasting food, so I won’t have the urge to go through the McDonald’s drive thru while out shopping. My new favorite (healthy) recipes are this and this.

Beware, you will want to run to the store for the ingredients…

2. I also want to help my teeth get stronger, so I finally bought this book on Curing Tooth Decay .

Eating butter is good…

3. On my journey to clean living, I changed over our candles to these organic ones.

And they smell good too…

4. I’m loving any natural lotions! I found some cool product lines like this one and this one.

Tip: Don’t put it on your skin if you can’t pronounce it…

5. It’s time to dress in some awesome workout clothes to go walking, like this one and this one.

I would look so good wearing them…