The new fad: rubberband bracelets

If you haven’t heard of this new craze, you probably live under a rock.

Just kidding.

But, seriously,  when Emily and I heard about these bracelets, we jumped on the bandwagon.  We were pricing rubberbands around town and we got lucky and found these at Target for just a dollar! They are the same ones that Justice sells for $8. Super bargain!


I was going to buy one of the looms that you can find just about anywhere, but the DIYer in me had to check online first to see if we really needed one.

We didn’t!

I found a video on YouTube that shows you how to make one using your fingers. After making one (and as a result, having two sore fingers), we decided to use two pencils instead.

Much better.


Now, we are pros at making them. I think I’m even addicted to making them. Kind of even therapeutic, if you will. If I’m stressed, I whip up a new bracelet for me or Emily. We made bracelets for all her friends, and even a “boy” friend. I have a black one that I wear all the time. Yes, they can be for adults too.


I  just had to get these Monster High set at ToysRUs for $4.99. Worth it since it comes with charms, and since I have a Monster High fanatic living at our house, I couldn’t not get them.

Have you jumped on the rubber bracelet bandwagon too?