eating healthy for holidays

Ho, ho, ho! Are you ready for the holidays?

I’m not talking about present buying, I’m talking about are you ready to stay “healthy” during this tempting time of the year?

Don’t get me wrong, I plan on having some treats and bubbly during these next couple of weeks. I just need to remember a very important word this season…


If you deprive yourself too much it’s going to backfire. And do it BIG TIME. So, it’s okay to nibble a bit and still be able to enjoy your holiday.

Here are 5 “Surviving The Holidays” tips to help you through it all.


Okay, this has to be the first tip for sure! When our blood sugar is in the healthy zone, our cravings are under control, but when our blood sugar starts to fluctuate because we’re eating too much sugar or carbs (like, when holiday cookies are calling your name), your blood sugar will rely on your adrenals to attempt to stabilize it. So, during the holiday season, keep your blood sugar in the healthy zone by limiting the amount of cookies and fruitcake you have to ward off cravings.


Exercise helps you deplete glycogen, or stored sugar. Sugar, carbohydrates, and glucose want to hang out in your abdominal muscles. So, when you exercise, you deplete the stored carbohydrates and sugars out of those muscles, making room to store our next meal. While I don’t believe in working out so you can eat whatever you want, during the holidays is a good time to keep things in check because you might be eating whatever you want.

So, when you have an extra helping of stuffing (let’s hope you choose a Paleo version instead), Don’t don’t forget to deplete them ab muscles the next day.

High-intensity resistance training is a great option.

Offer to Bring a Dish/Dessert

Yes, there will be lots of goodies to choose from and I don’t want you to miss out if you need to try some, but how about making the choices a bit healthier by bringing some of your own (healthier) dishes too?

Now, I’m not talking about carrots and low cal dip. I’m talking about some of the wonderful healthier versions of desserts (find some awesome ones here), or side dishes. You can mix your dishes with a tiny bit of other not-so-healthy desserts/sides on the side. If you fill up on mostly healthier stuff, you can satisfy that need without going overboard.

What About Alcohol?

I know it’s fun to drink a little (lot) of fun drinks (hello, spiked egg nog!), BUT alcohol converts to sugar, so it stores in the muscle, liver, and fat cells and can throw the blood sugar off balance.

So, what’s a girl to do??

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Consume alcohol after a meal to lessen blood-sugar fluctuations.
  • Choose healthier kinds of alcohol. I found some awesome drinks that you can drink instead, like this Ginger Kombucha,
  • Choose a clean, dry champagne or Prosecco or Brut.  These are all sparkling wines with less sugar.
  • Avoid beer.
  • Avoid mixed drinks with added sugar-this is a hard one, I know!

Up Them Supplements

It’s a good idea to add extra supplements to your holiday routine. Here are a few to try:

  • Probiotics can help keep your gut healthy and balanced.
  • Activated Charcoal will bind up any toxins, especially in alcohol.
  • Vitamin C for a powerful immunity booster.
  • A good enzyme will help break down the extra food you may be eating.
  • Vitamin D is essential-especially if you live in a cold winter season.

So January, when the eggnog and pumpkin pie is just a memory, knowing you followed these tips will make you happy you did!

How are you handling your holidays? Are you going to stick to your regular eating habits, or will you indulge a little?